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Services We Offer

Two Rivers offers monthly management programs with a set monthly price for up to 12 months, depending on your specific needs and goals for your property. Regardless of the services you choose, we'll be providing the foundation necessary for a healthy and attractive lawn and landscape year-round.

"Through ongoing training and certification, our employees are able to stay current with the latest green industry trends to ensure that you receive nothing but the best. We’d love the chance to put our knowledge and experience to work for you!"

Annual Care Plan


Our crew will be on your property with the know-how and the right equipment automatically. From week to week we’ll keep it cut, trimmed and looking its best all season.


Professional pruning from Two Rivers will lead to healthier, more beautiful trees and shrubs, especially for your flowering plants. This service will promote new growth while helping your plants to keep the right shape. We’ll also remove dead, diseased or weakened branches that could fall and hurt people or damage property.


Planting beds look their best when kept weed-free. With regular inspections and hand pulling as needed, we can stop weeds from gaining a foothold in your flower beds.


Two Rivers’ mulching services will enhance both the appearance and health of your landscape plants. By mulching, we can cut down on the amount of time and effort it takes to keep your beds and your whole property looking better throughout the entire season.

Fall Leaf Removal

Depending on the size of your property, you could end up with more leaves than you know what to do with. If they aren’t removed, leaves can smother your lawn. Two Rivers offers full leaf removal and disposal services for properties of all sizes.


With this service, we’ll use an aerator to remove cores (or plugs) of soil across your whole lawn. This will let moisture, nutrients and oxygen reach your turf’s roots more easily. Aeration will also help to break up the thatch layer (which can block water and nutrients and provide a home for insects and disease if it gets too thick).


With regular applications of balanced fertilizer throughout the year, Two Rivers can give your lawn the nutrients it needs for optimum growth. These nutrients include nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, each of which contributes significantly to the overall health of your grass.

Seeding and Hydroseeding

Seeding and hydroseeding are common ways to give a less-than-thick lawn a facelift. With our seedingservice, Two Rivers spreads seed evenly over the turf area to be seeded. We use only premium-grade grass seed that is known to grow well in our area’s climate and soils. We also offer hydroseeding, which is an effective alternative to traditional methods of lawn seeding, especially when larger areas such as commercial sites or golf courses are involved. With this process, Two Rivers sprays a slurry of seed and mulch over the area to be seeded.

Sod Installation

If your lawn is badly damaged or very thatch-heavy, it may be necessary to remove all existing turf from your yard and start over again by laying down new sod. Two Rivers has extensive experience with new lawn installations, and we’d be happy to provide an evaluation of your turf to determine if this type of service is right for you.


Landscape improvements can make a tremendous difference in the looks, usefulness and value of your property. No matter what the style or size of your house, your building, your property or your budget, Two Rivers’ landscape designers can offer a variety of creative ideas to fit your needs and goals.

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Two Rivers Lawn and Landscape Management

Two Rivers' Lawn Care and Landscaping services are guaranteed to deliver exceptional results.  Our goal is to save you time, frustration and money while providing you with a beautiful property that you can be proud of. We are here to help you get most enjoyment possible out of your home's lawn and landscape.